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Date: Mon Nov 25 1996 - 09:35:00 EST

Date: Mon, 25 Nov 96 14:35 WET
Subject: Re: Glass   Plastic Recycling (Tracey Pugh)

November 25, 1996

Dear Tracey Pugh,

In general 23% of total glass and 25.8% of glass containers are being recycled as of 1994. That s 3,110 thousand tons recycled of a total glass waste figure of 13,270 tons in the USS.
Plastics is just too complex to break down very far. The total recycling of plastics in MSW in 1994 was 4.5% or 930 thousand tons of a total of 19,840 thousand tons disgarded in MSW of plastics.

The full statistical presentation and discussion is in US EPA, Characterization of MSW in the US, 1960-2000 aka the Franklin Report. The most recent update of this biennial publication is the 1995 Update. It s available from my library or from the RCRA Hotline.

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