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Date: Wed Dec 04 1996 - 09:45:00 EST

Date: Wed, 4 Dec 96 14:45 WET
Subject: Re: Recycling in Germany (Dongho, Cho)

December 4, 1996

Dear Dongho, Cho:


- The magazine The WARMER Bulletin is the best source of ongoing information about recycling programs around the world. Their address is: World Resource Foundation, Bridge House, High St., Tonbridge, Ken TN9 1DP, United Kingdom.
- The US Environmental Protection Agency has a publication that the Research Library can send you a copy of called Germany and the Green Dot System . Send me your mailing address to e-mail FRIEDMAN.FRED@EPAMAIL.EPA.GOV and I will send you significant portions of it.
- For a historical perspective, Present Status Study of Waste Recycling in West Germany, by E. Willing in First International Waste Recycling Symposium 11/81, Tokyo, by the Clean Japan Center.
- Section of Federal Republic of Germany in International Overview on Solid Waste Management edited by Luca Bonomo, et. al. (Academic Press, 1988).

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