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Date: Wed Dec 04 1996 - 10:01:00 EST

Date: Wed, 4 Dec 96 15:01 WET
Subject: Re: Microencapsulation of waste soil (John Evinger)

December 4, 1996

Dear John Evinger,

I have heard of microencapsulation being used for some hazardous waste contaminants in certain conditions. However, it isn t prevalent. The best source to go to for answers to your question is the SITE Program at US EPA (Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluations). The SITE Clearinghouse can be reached at 800-424-9346. You want to speak with someone at the US EPA s Office of Research and Development and obtain any publications that might have resulted from their Innovative Technology Evaluation program; you also want to call the Office of Solid Waste at US EPA, Technology Innnovation Office (FAX: 513-891-6685) and ask them the same question regarding their series of publications on Innovative Treatment Technologies.
You may get shunted about to a few different programs before you find the right person or publication.

Good luck.

If you ultimately do not get an answer, e-mail me at FRIEDMAN.FRED@EPAMAIL.EPA.GOV and I ll conduct some research for you. But try these first.

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