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Date: Tue Dec 10 1996 - 07:31:00 EST

Date: Tue, 10 Dec 96 12:31 WET
Subject: Re: What to do with polypropylene? (John Peterson)

December 10, 1996

Dear John Peterson,

The best thing that I can recommend is to reuse the polypropylene core of the newsprint roll by working out a deal with the supplier of newsprint to take them back and reuse them. This will save you a lot of trouble in trying to find a market for the materials which, while not impossible, may be difficult.
But, here are some ideas: End markets for polypropylene are most commonly packaging, furniture, electrical, motor vehicle parts, exports, carpeting. In Massachusetts, there are at least 7 firms recycling it and in RI at least 4 firms. The trade associations that cover it include:
Textile Bag Manufacturers Assn., Northbrook, IL (708-272-3930); American National Can Co., Washington, DC (202-296-1618) (for packaging).
Also, Himont Italia, SPA has been importing it to Italy for use in packaging, closures, auto parts and medical devices since at least 1993.

The Research Library will be happy to supply you with the contact information for specific recyclers of polypropylene in the New England states if that would be of use.

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