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Date: Fri Dec 27 1996 - 07:36:00 EST

Date: Fri, 27 Dec 96 12:36 WET
Subject: Re: Market prices (Ofira Ayalon)

December 27, 1996

Dear Ofira Ayalon,

There are plenty of commodity markets quotes in many of the newspapers of the world - Wall St Journal, New York Times, Times of London, and then there s the trade presses for each industry and for many commodities from which to choose. There s the business magazines: Fortune, Forbes, Business Week. Virgin commodity prices will be accessible off of these, both in hard copy, online and perhaps in other formats as well. There are Dialog (and other vendors ) databases devoted to these sorts of things. There are Standard Poor s Industry reports.
These are but a few examples. I gather from your address that you are at the Technion in Israel. Most of these sources should be accessible through the Libraries at the Technion.

Anyway, good luck.

Fred Friedman, Research Library for RCRA
US EPA-New England (Contractor)

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