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Date: Thu Jan 02 1997 - 09:27:00 EST

Date: Thu, 2 Jan 97 14:27 WET
Subject: Re: Special Needs Recycling Project Expansion

January 2,1997

Dear unnamed questionner,

Its always better to work with existing infrastructure and buyers in your area (which is the crucial point of information missing from your posting) than to assume that you have to reinvent the wheel.
In your case, I d contact my State and local recycling authorities to find out what my options were. If none of these were satisfactory - and do understand that it s improbable that anyone, any vendor, any dealer, anyone is going to pay you at the present time, for sorting office paper - and as a last resort contact:
The National Office Paper Recycling Project, US Conference of Mayors, 1620 I St, NW, 6th floor
Washington, DC 20006 FAX: 202-429-0422. They may be able to put you in touch with someone in your area. As might 1-800-CLEANUP , the Recycling Hotline, which is good for all states but MA and CA.

Should all of this fail for legitimate multi-partite reasons, you can call the Research Library for RCRA at 617-565-3282 and we will see if we can come up with a referral for you. However, our knowledge is best for the states of the Northeast.

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