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Date: Fri Jan 17 1997 - 04:38:00 EST

Date: Fri, 17 Jan 97 09:38 WET
Subject: Re:  What does trash become? (Anne)

January 17

Dear Anne,

Newspapers become new newsprint as well as a variety of other products: insulation, animal bedding
Plastics become gigantic varieties of things: most anything that is made of virgin plastic can be made from recycled plastics. Some uses are toys, mats, bathroom stalls, floor tiles, patio blocks, traffic barricades, carpet backing, carpet, shingles.
Glass is typically remelted and made into new bottles, as well as additives for highways, media for hydroponics, construction materials, etc.
Metals are capable of being recycled into almost anything that virgin metals can be used for: appliances, auto parts, plumbing supplies, tools

There are about 100+ directories of recycled products detailing the new products made from recycled substances. And we have many of them in the Research Library for RCRA of the US EPA-New England.

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