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Date: Wed Jan 29 1997 - 08:49:00 EST

Date: Wed, 29 Jan 97 13:49 WET
Subject: Re: Transfer Station Design (Brook Edwards)

January 29, 1997

Dear Brook Edwards,

Small transfer station design (less than 100 tpd):

There are several sources that you have to use:

1. SWANA, The Solid Waste Assn. of North America, specializes in training and design materials for all aspects of traditional municipal solid waste management. They have a library, called SWICH from which you can order documents (although many of their offerings are outdated, so pay attention to details like date): Tel: 800-677-9424. I d be sxurprised if they did not also have a Website.
2. The Decision-Maker s Guide to Solid Waste Management, 2nd ed. by US EPA has a long chapter on landfills and transfer stations, mostly about things like design. You can get a copy from the RCRA Hotline: Tel: 800-424-9346 if you live outside of New England and from the Research Library for RCRA (me) at 617-565-3282 if you live in New England.
3. The National Assn. of Towns and Townships also has materials on Transfer Stations, though more on regionalization than on design. Contact them at: 202-737-5200.
4. Examples of small communities that have created this size of transfer station include: Willington, CT; Berlin Township, NJ; Peterborough, NH (which uses a contractor s transfer station)
5. In-Depth Studies of Recycling and Composting Programs: Designs, Costs, Results , by US EPA, EPA 530-X-93-006a, 12/93
Now, if what you are really talking about is a small Materials Recovery Facility, there are lots of other guidances and case studies available. If the transfer station is really for solid waste, its a transfer station in our lingo; if to be used for recycling its an MRF; if to be used for both, you will need information from both.

I hope that this helps.

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