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Date: Thu Jan 30 1997 - 06:59:00 EST

Date: Thu, 30 Jan 97 11:59 WET
Subject: Re: How does want starts a Recycling Programme for an organization (No Name)

January 30, 1997

Dear No Name,

The way that one starts a recycling program is to audit or survey your waste. About how much of x and y and z materials does the organization generate over a week or a month? Take notes, write out what materials and what amounts (and whatever sub-breakdowns) of generation happen at your organization.
As to your specific question, it depends on who is recycling your materials as to how many bins you get and whether you color code them or code them simply by putting labels on them. Most recyclers will prefer that you sort and separate newspaper from white paper from corrugated cardboard, keep metals and glass separate, etc. For example,
at US EPA s New England office, we collect white paper and newspaper in different bins (magazines with newspaper), as well as have glass and metals sorted in their own bins. We do not code them, only label them.

For the entire process, I recommend INFORM Inc s Business Recycling Manual.

-- Research Library for RCRA, US EPA-New England

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