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Date: Tue Feb 11 1997 - 06:20:00 EST

Date: Tue, 11 Feb 97 11:20 WET
Subject: Re: Technical definition of recycling

February 11/97

There are many definitions. All are variations on a pretty common theme. The major issue has to do with whether one includes preconsumer waste into a classification of recyclables. The answer at this point varies. Case in point are two US EPA definitions:

1. The process by which materials otherwise destined for disposal are collected, reprocessed, or remanufactured and are reused. (From Decision-maker s guide to Solid Waste Management, Second Ed. (1995)
2. Process by which materials that would otherwise become solid waste are collected, separated, or processed and returned to the economic mainstream to be reused in the form of raw materials or finished goods. (From Second National Environmental Labeling Conference ).

There are others contained in many other documents held at the RESEARCH LIBRARY FOR RCRA of US EPA-New England.

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