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Date: Tue Feb 11 1997 - 08:04:00 EST

Date: Tue, 11 Feb 97 13:04 WET
Subject: Re: Concrete recycling (Jim West)

Feb 11/97

Dear Jim West,

I gather than all that you want is to know who recycles concrete even in this condition? Unfortunately, I have no idea of where you are located geographically, so these references may be irrelevant, given that the RESEARCH LIBRARY FOR RCRA chiefly knows about New England where it is fairly well established that concrete recycling goes on:

J. R. Pacella, Corp, 49 N. Main St., Westford, MA 01886, tel: 508-692-3532
Kimbal Sand Co, 202 Elm St., Blackstone, MA 01504, tel: 508-883-1798
New England Ecological Development, Inc., 23 Green Hill Rd, Johnston, RI, tel: 401-943-5719.

None of this constituents any sort of endorsement. These are firms that we picked from directories among many, many others.

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