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Date: Tue Feb 11 1997 - 08:14:00 EST

Date: Tue, 11 Feb 97 13:14 WET
Subject: Re: Substitution in primary aluminum (Doug Koplow)

February 11/97

Dear Doug Koplow,

Up front, I want to say that the Research Library does not have a great deal about aluminum. There is another US EPA division which should be able to help you more that I will: It is the Voluntary Aluminum Industrial Partnership out of the Office of Air Radiation. Contact is Cindy Jacobs at 202-233-9631.

What I have of relevance is:

 The Recycling of Aluminum Packaging: Its Practical Translation... by Arved von Lewinski and Rainer Sudholter in Proceedings of the Greening of Durables Conference, Heidelber, Germany, 11/96.
 What is Goodness?: Durable Goods Recycling from the Aluminum Perspective by C. L. Wood, Jr., in Proceedings of the Greening of Durable Goods Conference, MIT, Cambridge, MA 10/94.
 Outlook for the primary and secondary aluminum industries by Steward Spector, in Resource Recycling, 10/92.
 Water: An $18 Million Problem in Recycling Today, 2/15/92.
 Waste Product Profile: Aluminum Packaging, by Chaz Miller, in Waste Age, 10/92.
 Aluminum--On the Recycling TTrack by Thomas J. Cichonski, in RECYCLING SOURCEBOOK ed by Cichonski and Hill (Gale Research, 1993, 1st ed).

There are probably many other sources out there as well.

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