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Date: Wed Feb 12 1997 - 09:48:00 EST

Date: Wed, 12 Feb 97 14:48 WET
Subject: Re: Chemical or feedstock recycling of plastics (Su Lyn Low)

February 12, 1997

Dear Su Lyn Low,

Hello down under.

There are 2 ways to take your question:

1) Is recycling plastics into feedstock (pellets, sheets, etc.) for remanufacturing a successful enterprise in the US? Yes and from all of the directory listings available both in hard copy and online directories, it appears to be widespread.
2) Is the recycling of preconsumer waste plastics widespread in the US? I don t really know the answer to that, but if that is what you are asking, repost your question. In either event, I do not understand what you are specifically seeking. You may wish to repost your question in any case.

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