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Date: Thu Feb 27 1997 - 10:16:00 EST

Date: Thu, 27 Feb 97 15:16 WET
Subject: Re: Information (Jennifer Languell)

Feb 27/97

Dear Jennifer Languell,

Crushed concrete has been used for road base materials, wood fiber block, rialroad bed base, and has been reused for concrete with virgin concrete.

There are many more civil engineering uses but I would go to sources more comprehensive on the subject (and I believe on Internet):

The Clean Washington Center has a construction debris reuse project that has publicized a great many reuses. Try their website.

Also, the Harris Directory of Stafford Harris, Inc, Seattle, WA probably has some recycled content building materials which would be relevant to your inquiry.

Additionally, the Clean Washington Center s 1/94 Recycled ContentBuilding and Construction Products Directory lists recyclers of architectural concrete for pour in place and precast uses, cementitious wood fiber systems for floors, roofs, walls, and grouut manufacturers. It also has masonry manufacturers.
Also, Check with FACE of Fitchburg, MA for additional reuses.
-- Research Library for RCRA

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