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Date: Fri Feb 28 1997 - 04:44:00 EST

Date: Fri, 28 Feb 97 09:44 WET
Subject: Re:Recycling plastics (Jo Hunt)

Feb 18, 1997

Dear Jo Hunt,

Actually, incinerating plastics is probably just as unsound as incinerating batteries from an environmental standpoint. However, some plastics are insignificant when incinerated, and some are quite significant. Polyvinyl chloride emissions and effluents are quite noxious, the most noxious, while LDPE incineration is not.

There is ample documentation of the entire story:

 Chemical and Biological Characterization of Products of Incomplete Combustion from the Simulated Field Burning of Agricultural Plastic by EPA ORD, 1989. It is available from NTIS under order # PB90-100835 or EPA #600/J-89/025.

 Heavy Metals in Combustion of Plastics by J. P. Wagner et. al, Texas A M Univ, in National Environmental Journal, Nov/Dec, 1991.

 Canada Studies Dioxins Released When PVC is Burned in WTE Plants in Hazardous Waste Business, Jan 11, 1995.

 Recycling: Implications of Postconsumer Plastic Waste; Part 2 by Moira Nir, in Plastics Engineering, 10/90.

-- Research Library for RCRA

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