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Date: Fri May 16 1997 - 04:22:00 EDT

Date: Fri, 16 May 97 09:22 WET DST
Subject: Re: Recycling of high water [containing?] mineral stone powder

May 16, 1997

To our Korean friend,

I am not familiar with the sludge that you describe. If mineral content stone is the waste product in the water, my suspicion would be that a filtration system would extract it. However, I need more specific information about the sludge to assist you.
Please leave a description of the sludge here and I ll conduct some research from comparable US firms. However, you might want to contact some US firms engaged in stone milling, and here are some names and addresses:
General Crushed Stone Co, PO Box 231, Easton PA 18044, Frederick Moore, CEO
Fletcher Granite Co, Inc., 275 Groton Rd., North Chelmsford, MA 01863, Duke Pointer, CEO
Beck Beck, Inc. PO Box 467, Barre, VT 05641, Robert W. Zider, CEO

As usual, I am picking firm names randomly from a relevant directory. Neither the Research Library nor US EPA endorses or promotes any of these firms or their products.

- Research Library for RCRA

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