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Date: Thu May 22 1997 - 06:03:00 EDT

Date: Thu, 22 May 97 11:03 WET DST
Subject: Re: How to evaluate the market potential for collection of waste paper?

May 22, 1997

How to evaluate the market potential of a community s waste paper?

Conduct a study that accurately estimates how much of different grades of paper is produced by the commercial sector, the residential sector, other sectors (government, industry, agriculture, etc.) within the community. Usually doing just residential and commercial will do.
You want to estimate the weight, so you must weigh. There are various similar methods available to do this is many books on recycling or waste management. The US EPA s one is called Office Paper Recycling: An Implementation Guide EPA/530-SW-90-001, 1/90 and is available from NTIS (however, its not about all grades). INFORM of NYC has a good manual called Business Recycling Manual that does this for many paper grades. There are others as well.

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