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Date: Wed Jul 09 1997 - 04:30:00 EDT

Date: Wed, 9 Jul 97 09:30 WET DST
Subject: Re: Carpet recycling (Bailey Mylleville)

July 9, 1997

Dear Bailey Mylleville,

There are evidently different processes and technologies for recycling carpet. One chops and granulates, mixes preconsumer and postconsumer wastes, , then melts and mixes the stuff in an extruder, passed into a forming line, and extruded through the product mode. It is cured by surrounding the mold with cold water, cut to length and quality checked. Another process involves depolymerization in a tubular reactor, reducing nylong e.g. carpet to caprolactam monomer which can be reused for new nylon. Non-nylon components such as styrene-butadiene and calcium carbonate are also seaparated for use as modifiers in other manufactures.
Who is recycling carpet? According to the literature:
- Allied Signal Corporation
- Collins Aikman Floorcoverings, Dalton, GA
- Horizon Pacific Ltd., Dalton, GA
DuPont Canada, Inc., Mississaugua, Ontario and Chattanooga, TN
- United Recycling, Inc., St. Louis Park, MN (a consortium effort)
- Interface, Inc, Atlanta, GA

among others

- Research Library for RCRA

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