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Date: Wed Jul 30 1997 - 06:25:00 EDT

Date: Wed, 30 Jul 97 11:25 WET DST
Subject: Re: Problems with plastic in the 3rd world (Phoebe Welburn)

July 30, 1997

Dear Phoebe Welburn,

There are not many options for plastics disposal
in 3rd world countries unless the government or a
particular business has embarked on a recycling and
remanufacturing operation. A developed economy is
necessary to produce the stuff and an environmentally
sensitive economy is necessary to recycle it.

What I would do is to find out if there are any plastics
manufacturers in the Dominican Republic and to ask
them for leads to who already recycles or remanufactures
plastics (and what types of plastics). Native, home grown
plastics producers are your best bet for either
recycling or for convincing to use recycled feedstocks.

Thereafter you will basically be forced to put the stuff
in a landfill or to incinerate it.

Another possible source is off island, in Puerto Rico,
(and there may be others, but my knowledge is really
slim in Caribbean non-US islands):

Environmental Plastics of PR, Inc, Cayey, PR 00736.
Contact person is Nicholas Apostol. Tel:
787-747-4941. They already make plastic lumber, pallets,
fence posts, speed bumps, roof tiles, etc. from recycled plastics.

Don Aronin is the solid waste management firm,
BFI's Puerto Rico contact. I don't have contact information
for him (the home office of BFI is in Houston, TX)
but I would bet that if anyone knows the capabilities
of Caribbean waste firms venturing into the DR, it
would be in a large firm such as Browning-Ferris

Good luck.

- Research Library for RCRA

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