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Date: Tue Aug 05 1997 - 07:10:00 EDT

Date: Tue, 5 Aug 97 12:10 WET DST
Subject: Re: Carpet recycling (JT)

August 5, 1997

Dear JT,

1. What's wrong with carpet in landfills?

- It takes up space
- It takes up about 1-2% of space in landfills needlessly
- It costs $ to dump it
- It may have problems having to do with leachate absorption

2. Is there an academic study concerning recycling carpet?

- I know of one by Y. Wang, School of Texile Engineering at GA Institute of Technology in Atlanta, but not any at the University of MN. However, Wang's work is specifically about recycling carpet into concrete which may not be what you were seeking.
- In 1994 the US Dept. of Energy was funding several projects having to do with recycling carpet by Allied Signal Corp.
- The National Carpet Center may know of something that I don't know of.

- Another name associated with carpet recycling at a firm called Interface, is Ray Anderson who was once at Georgia Tech. He makes carpet tiles from nylon and PVC from carpet and other sources.

- AlliedSignal Inc. actively cecycles carpet, see:

- Research Library for RCRA

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