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Date: Tue Jan 06 1998 - 03:36:00 EST

Date: Tue, 6 Jan 98 08:36 WET
Subject: Compendium of Reports by the Research Library for RCRA, 1994-1997

For a limited time, subscribers to Global Recycling Network may request a free copy of Compendium of Reports by the Research Library for RCRA, 1994-1997. What these are are:

7 reports on Recycling in General
6 reports on Economic Development Recycling
7 reports on Specific Materials Waste Mgmt.
4 reports on Pollution and its Management
3 reports on Information Seeking Behavior

The Research Library for RCRA wrote these reports to answer specific questions, many of which bear on recurrent questions left at GRN.

You may request this document by sending a request for it by mail (snail mail that is) and enclosing your regular postal mailing address.
You must then commit to sending the Research Library an honest letter of feedback evaluating how this document will or might be of use to you. If you don't think that it will be of use to you, please don't request it.

Send requests to:

Research Library for RCRA
US EPA-New England
SPP, JFK Federal Bldg.
Boston, MA 02203

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