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Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 07:31:00 EDT

Date: Wed, 24 Jun 98 12:31 WET DST
Subject: Re: Industrial recycling schemes e.g. car industry

June 24,1998

Dear Doug Rees,

It is almost impossible to know where to begin. Automobile recycling's lliterature is vast. There have been studies done since M.E. Henstock of the Institute for Metals in London wrote about the subject in his book Design for Recyclability Chapter 5, I believe was about automobiles. The answer is that virtually everything in a car is recyclable technically. The trouble is often disassembly and wisest use of worn materials. Designing for the recyclability of autos has therefore spawned a great many efforts in Japan, Germany and one (the VRDC comprised of the big 3 automakers) in the US.
The Auto Recyclers Assn. has a certification program; fluff from shredders have found resues. We have come a long way in 10 years. Boston University has a center that coordinates a database of recyclers involved in auto parts (and other durable goods). In 1992 there was a design competition at all American universities to recycle auto dashboareds conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers' International Congress and the American Plastics Council. It was called the Automotive Solutions Competititon. I'll bet that it tried other aspects in future years.
The Auto Recycling Industry is the 16th largest industry in the US with 5 billion in sales annually.

Is there really a need for another book on the subject?

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