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Date: Tue Jul 28 1998 - 09:52:00 EDT

Date: Tue, 28 Jul 98 14:52 WET DST
Subject: Re: Empty steel drums (Gary Clough)

July 28, 1998

Dear Gary Clough,

So long as there is not hazardous materials residues in the steel drums - and that is your responsibility in ensure - then there is no problem in finding a reuser or recycler. The easiest way to do this would be via a waste exchange in your area, such as:

Hudson Valley Materials Exchange, New Paltz, NY, 914-255-3749

Northeast Industrial Waste Exchange, Syracuse, NY, 315-422-6572

There doesn't appear to have been one in PA as of late 1994, but that may have changed. Ask one of the above.

Another possibility is to see if a more local firm has any reuse possibilities. Try demolition and industrial waste firms, scrap yards, etc.

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