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Date: Thu Sep 03 1998 - 11:21:00 EDT

Date: Thu, 3 Sep 98 11:21 EDT
Subject: Re: Operating costs associated with a Materials Recovery Facility

Sept. 3, 1998

What would a reasonable price be for operating an MRF that processes about 22k tons per year (about 600 tons per day)?

There is regional, materials, and technological variability here. One size does not fit all.

The average cost of operating a mid-size MRF in the Northeast in 1996 was about $60-75 per ton.

Low cost items are: newspaper, occ, mixed paper, steel, mixed glass. High cost items are aluminum cans, green glass, and PET and HDPE plastics.

In 1992-3, Rice County, MN disposed of 29,000 tons through its MRF for a total cost of $4,545,000. But the variables of energy costs, amortization of capital costs, etc. must be looked at for comparability.
You can see them (and the case studies from several other MRFs in the following publication:

 Environmental, Economic and Energy Impacts of Material Recovery Facilities: A MITE Program Evaluation by US EPA Office of Research Development, EPA/600/R-95/125, August, 1995 The study was conducted by the consultant Roy F. Weston. Get the document from NTIS.

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