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Date: Wed Nov 18 1998 - 03:47:00 EST

Date: Wed, 18 Nov 98 08:47 WET
Subject: Re: Recycling web site list (Jennifer Booker)

November 18, 1998

Dear Jennifer Booker,

I'm not aware of a comprehensive website list of recycling municipalities and states, but here are resources that come close:

- Recycling the Net column by Chaz Miller ( in Recycling Times, where, for example, several columns have given partial lists including e.g. the 9/15/97 column.

- The IRRNET has such a list, but I don't know their full website address. One source is at the Ohio EPA via one Mike Ebner whose email address is mike

- The Environmental Council of the States will lead you to state environmental agencies, though not specifically to waste management or recycling programs, and certainly not to munis:

- Research Library for RCRA

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