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Date: Mon Nov 23 1998 - 08:09:00 EST

Date: Mon, 23 Nov 98 13:09 WET
Subject: Re:  Scrap Metal Price (Brenda Richardson)

Nov. 22, 1998

Dear Brenda Richardson,

There are many ways to speculate about when scrap metal prices will rise:
- when the Asian monetary/currentcy crisis is partly solved
- when the World Bank approves the Japanese government's bailout packakage for Japanese industry as adequate
- when consumer confidence is restored in e.g. Japan, Russia, and Brazil

According to the view from right now, no time soon.

However, there are still things to be done by scrap metal dealers, involving using the country desks of the US Dept. of Commerce to ascertains short-term demands for the stocks that you have for sale now and 6 months from now, and trying to make your own contract with some of the more promsiign markets.

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