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Global Recycling Network
Global Recycling Network is an electronic information exchange that specializes in the trade of recyclables reclaimed in Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) streams, as well as the marketing of eco-friendly products.

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Vintage Fix in Global Recycling Network

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Vintage Fix
Vintage Fix
VINTAGE ITEMS I AM LOOKING FOR … Any High-End Collectible Vintage Items T-shirts ( It doesn't matter is there are holes / hand repairs / or if they are handmade ) Military T-shirts Music/ Concert ( Hand-made band T-shirts included ) Movie T-shirts School / University T-Shirts Motorcycle ( Indian, Harley, Triumph, Suzuki, Honda etc. ) Protest T-shirts ( Hand-made included ) WWII Plain T-Shirts Plain white Tees from the 1940s-1990s Assorted Sweatshirts ( Champion, School/University sweaters etc. ) Denim Jackets ( Levis, Wrangler etc.) Jeans ( It doesn’t matter if there are holes, repairs or patches ) Leather Jackets ( High-end collectible, painted, motorcycle, military, etc.) Any casual clothing and shoes from the 1930s-1960s ( mens button- ups, women’s blouses, women’s dresses, mens suits, sweaters etc. ) Work Boots ( Redwing, Chippewa etc.) Cowboy Boots ( Acme etc. ) Motorcycle Boots Leather Belts ( motorcycle, plain brown & black, 1930s-1960s etc. ) It does not matter if anything has holes or visible hand repairs on any of the items listed, I would still LOVE to see a picture. I also really LOVE looking at ECLECTIC items so please, feel free to send pictures of anything you think I may like, even if it is not on the list.

Vintage Fix
Austin Texas

Contact : Crystal Sneden
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