Global Recycling Network
Global Recycling Network
Global Recycling Network is an electronic information exchange that specializes in the trade of recyclables reclaimed in Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) streams, as well as the marketing of eco-friendly products.

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E-Pallet Inc. in Global Recycling Network

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E-Pallet Inc.
E-Pallet Inc.
e-Pallet, Inc. is one of the nationís pallet and packaging leaders. We offer the ability to single source all your pallet and packaging requirements. e-Pallet provides the correct material handling product for any requirement, delivering cost-savings solutions for your most challenging material-handling requirements. We are the primary pallet supplier for many of the largest and most demanding pallet users in North America. Products: WOODEN PALLETS NEW AND USED PLASTIC PALLETS CORRUGATED PALLETS CRATES BOXES STAKES CRADLES OSB PLYWOOD ALL MISCELLANEOUS LUMBER Pallet Design Analysis: The Pallet Design System is a reliability-based design procedure for wood pallets. It is based on engineering fundamentals, matrix structural analysis techniques, and the results of laboratory and field testing. PDS will estimate pallet strength, deformation and overall pallet durability. e -Pallet, Inc. utilizes this software to estimate pallet performance, cost and assist in the design of a pallet to meet our customer needs. Value Added Services: CREDIT FOR SCRAP PALLETS HEAT TREATING REPAIR AND RETURN PROGRAMS CONSIGNMENT SCRAP REMOVAL CONSOLIDATED BILLING VENDOR MANAGED INVENTORY NWPCA: e -Pallet, Inc. is a member of the NWPCA (National Wooden Pallet and Container Association), an international trade association of pallet professionals. This membership ensures that we are always on the cutting edge of advances within our industry. Our customers will always have the most current industry information available to them. e -Pallet, Inc. is a team of dedicated professionals committed to reducing your costs and improving your operational effectiveness while providing quality products and services that will continually exceed your expectations.

E-Pallet Inc.
Cleveland Ohio

Contact : Richard Parshley
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